COVID measures for the self-employed

Royal Decree Law 11/2020 includes some measures that affect the self-employed. We went on to inform you about some of the most important ones that come into force as of April 2, 2020.

Social Bonus. What is it and how does it affect the self-employed?

It is a measure that was already in force for other groups but was not applicable to the self-employed. With this measure, reductions are applied to the electricity bill.

Self-employed or self-employed workers who have completely ceased their professional activity or those who have seen their turnover reduced in the month prior to the one in which the social bonus is requested are entitled to receive the social bonus by at least 75 percent in relation to the previous month. average billing of the previous semester.

Moratorium on social security contributions

This measure, together with the subsequent one, has not met the expectations that the self-employed had about possible measures to be taken by the executive.

Moratoriums must be expressly requested, so the postponement does not occur automatically.

Interest-free moratoriums of six months will be granted to companies and self-employed workers included in any Social Security scheme that request it and meet the requirements and conditions that will be established by Ministerial Order.

That is, payment is deferred but must be paid in any case.

Requests for a moratorium must be submitted, in the case of companies, through the Electronic Data Submission System in the field of Social Security (RED System) regulated in Order ESS/484/2013, and in the case of workers on their own account through the aforementioned RED System or by the electronic means available at the electronic headquarters of the Secretary of State for Social Security (SEDESS).

Postponement in the payment of debts to social security

Payments are not forgiven, but companies and self-employed workers who are registered in the Social Security system may request the deferral of payment of debts with Social Security whose statutory entry period takes place between the months of April and June 2020.

Impact on the supply of electricity and natural gas

The measures provide for a flexibility plan that allows self-employed workers to modify their electricity and natural gas supply contracts, while the State of Alarm lasts.

Likewise, it is possible to suspend payment of electricity, natural gas and petroleum product bills for the days corresponding to the days of the State of Alarm.

Finally, keep in mind that the legal regulation is changing during the State of Alarm and the previous circumstances may be altered while it lasts.

This publication does not constitute legal advice.

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