Representations and Warranties Clauses: Investment Agreements

In the world of digital business and startups, investment deals play a crucial role in the growth and development of emerging companies. Within these clauses, the Reps and Warranties, are fundamental elements that provide assurance to investors about the financial and legal health of the company in which they are investing. In this article, we will explore in detail what these clauses are, their importance and some of the most common representations and warranties that investors often require in these agreements.

What are the Reps and Warranties clauses?

Reps and Warranties clauses are a standard component of business purchase and sale agreements, investment agreements and merger and acquisition transactions. The main purpose of these clauses is to establish and confirm certain situations as true on the part of one of the parties, thus providing guarantees to the other party as to the veracity and soundness of such situations.

Importance of Reps and Warranties in Investment Agreements

For investors, the inclusion of these clauses is crucial as it gives them some protection and assurances about the current situation of the company in which they are investing. This is especially relevant in the context of startups, where uncertainty and risk are inherent.

The decision to include these clauses will largely depend on whether the investor has carried out a thorough due diligence of the startup. In the event that full due diligence has not been performed, it is understandable that the investor will require a broader set of representations and warranties from the entrepreneurial team. On the other hand, if thorough due diligence has been performed, Reps and Warranties may be less extensive, or may include only those situations that were not reviewed during the audit.

Common Reps and Warranties Clauses in Investment Agreements

Some of the most common Reps and Warranties clauses that an investor may require to be included in Investment Agreements:

  • Accuracy of financial statements: The company ensures that the financial statements presented accurately reflect its current financial position.
  • Compliance with tax, administrative and labor obligations: Ensures that the company is up to date with its tax, administrative and labor obligations.
  • Integrity of the capital stock: The company guarantees that the capital stock indicated in the agreement is correct and that there are no undisclosed covenants or obligations among the partners.
  • Data protection legal compliance: It is confirmed that the company complies with all legal obligations related to data protection and other relevant regulations in its field of activity.
  • Intellectual property: The company guarantees that it is the owner of the trademarks and intellectual property used in its operation, or that it has the necessary licenses for their use.
  • Absence of litigation: It ensures that the company is not involved in administrative or judicial proceedings that may affect its business activity.

These clauses vary according to the type of company and the nature of the transaction, but their purpose is to provide a complete and transparent view of the company’s situation for investors.


In summary, Reps and Warranties clauses play a fundamental role in Investment Agreements, providing certainty and transparency to all parties involved. These clauses ensure that investors are fully informed about the situation of the company in which they are investing, which in turn contributes to stronger and more successful business relationships.

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